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  • Each credit union client of Protect My Credit has been given a unique password.
  • If you need your credit union’s password, please speak to your internal auditor or HR administrator.
  • Incident Report Forms may also be submitted via telephone by calling 877-208-6730 (24/7 availability). Again, you will need to provide your credit union's unique password.


  • Employees should not report incidents for the purpose of seeking retribution or retaliation against other employees. 
  • You are not required to provide your name and contact information on the Incident Report Form. If contact information is provided, this information will be forwarded to the credit union.
  • Employees filing reports should understand that management of the credit union will likely conduct an investigation into these matters. .
  • Reporting of suspicious activity on this website does not alleviate an employee's responsibility from reporting known illegal activity to the appropriate legal authorities and to management of the credit union.