Enhanced Fraud Detection + Effective Fraud Deterrent

= Governance Best Practice




We Are About Protecting Credit Unions

With over 35 years providing public accounting and consulting services exclusively to credit unions, Mike Sacher has investigated countless incidences of fraud and its related internal control failures that have resulted in the loss of tens of millions of dollars.

  • A teller steals a few hundred dollars
  • A back office employee withdraws funds from dormant accounts
  • A loan officer ignores underwriting guidelines
  • Next payment due dates are advanced to hide fraudulent loan disbursements
  • Disbursements for building repairs and other maintenance were based on doctored invoices
  • Phony appraisals were made
  • Poorly designed, ineffective internal controls were in place


Our goal is SIMPLE... to protect credit unions from fraudulent activity and internal control breakdowns by:

  1. Providing an easily accessible and secure reporting process whereby credit union employees can report suspicious activity or significant internal control weaknesses, anonymously if desired.
  2. Providing education to credit union employees to increase their awareness of the signs suggesting that fraudulent activity could be occurring.
  3. Providing the experience, guidance, and if need be, investigative services of a recognized credit union expert on resolution of suspicious activity that might be reported.

Hopefully your credit union will never experience a fraud. But the facts and statistics indicate the chances are you will. Providing the appropriate guidelines and "possible fraud" reporting mechanism that encourages employees to report suspicious activity in an efficient, non-threatening and anonymous manner is one of the best corporate governance procedures that should be implemented by all credit unions.

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